We have enjoyed a Carefree Eclipse Awning with the Wind Smart Auto-Retract System for 6 years. When the wind kicks up the wind sensor or better said, anemometer, spins fast, detects high winds and sends a signal to retract, to our awning before wind damage can occur. Recently as shown in the photos we broke off one of three cups on the anemometer's ( white ) impeller. Our research says, Carefree purchased the anemometer or wind speed unit from Fronius, GMBH. They refuse to supply replacement cups. You can purchase the complete Fronius anemometer for around $100 to obtain new cups. These anemometers are offered for sale in the solar industry and are easily available from a web search..

We were unwilling to spend $100 for a $2 plastic part. After studying the broken cups we determined that a similar part could be used to replace the Fronius part if the size was about the same and the Fronius shaft was reused. After study of competing anemometers and sources we selected replacement cups built for the Vantage Vue ISS anemometer. We purchased one from Rainman Weather for a total cost of about $15, a third of which was shipping. The conversion was simple and quick. It works on our RV and looks more "original" than the original. See the detail instructions below.

New Galley Sink from the front

New Kitchen Sink from the dining area

New and Old Sinks side by side

The project began by removing the shaft from the damaged Fronius cups. We did this using a hack saw, and cutting parallel to the shaft being careful not to mar the shaft with the saw. When we were very close, we used a regular screwdriver to spread open the hub holding the shaft and pulled the shaft out.

Next we removed the set screw from the new cups and carefully enlarged the shaft hole using a 5/32 bit. We were careful not to drill clear through. ( This diameter falls between the plain shaft and knurled shaft sections diameters.)  Next we placed the new cups on a small wood block so that only the center of the cups rested on the block and the newly drilled hole was face up.. Carefully using a hammer we gently drove the knurled end of the shaft into the drilled hole such that the shaft extended between 9/16" and 5/8" beyond the new cups center section as shown in the photo.

It remains only for you to head for the roof and carefully push the new part firmly into place. It should spin easily. Incidentally, if you have not yet removed your broken cups, simply pry it up gently. It is a friction fit to the shaft.

Replacement part - # 7342-178 Wind Cups for Vantage Vue ISS
Purchase from - Rainman Weather, Jacksonville, FL

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