Escalade 37RE: Kitchen

Escalade 37RE: Bedroom

Escalade 36KS: Kitchen

Escalade 36KS: Bedroom

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Luxury and beauty have come together for a stylish unit that will make you feel like you've risen to the top. Travel in style in this high-end fifth wheel from KZ. It is quality built, top to bottom, and loaded with features inside and out. Enjoy your new recreational vehicle. You deserve the best KZ has to offer. Click here for 2007 exterior.

A unique blend of practicality and elegance, resulting in the most beautifully livable travel home you'll ever find. From lavish living areas to well appointed kitchens, the Escalade creates the kind of RV life you deserve.

PUBLISHING NOTE: We purchased our 2007 Escalade Model SKB in early 2008 from Tradewinds RV in Ocala, Florida. Late in 2008 it occurred to me that the information on the KZ website for 2007 Model Escalades would not be retained there indefinitely and I made mental note to save it. In early 2009 I downloaded most of the 2007 data. I discovered this data in November 2012 and decided to publish it for the benefit of friends with similar era Escalade RVs and other Escalade owners unknown. My thanks to those "other folks" who retained old photos, etc. and made possible a complete reproduction of the KZ site and literature. The multi-model KZ right-side master menu is removed as it serves no purpose here. Enjoy.../ John Coons