Our Escalade fifth Wheel came with step covers, or mats, made from gray indoor-outdoor carpet held in place with springs.  You know the kind, they wrap around the step and can be rotated to move wear areas. After a short time they look rather sad and move about in use. They never match the quality of the rest of the RV. Like many of you I see, I put off doing anything about this...

I was surprised to discover that attractive rubber stair treads can be very expensive. After looking around on the Internet I came across a web site, www.griotsgarage.com, that offered a Rubber Stair Tread for $10 each and free shipping for orders of $30.00 or more. These Treads are 29.5" x 9.75" and arrived with peal & stick on the back side. Some sites wanted close to $100 !

My steps have curved corners and so required a tread about 21" long. I used a straight edge and a box cutter (utility knife) to cut the rubber treads to proper length. Before sticking them to each step I removed the non-skid tape under the covers on each step and cleaned thoroughly.

The new quality steps treads look good, are very easy to keep clean and have received positive comments from visitors. Note the front lip. Click here to see a  full size photograph of our results.

UPDATE: To June 2016 from 2012, price is now listed on Griots as  $12. per tread